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Dustless Tile Removal Phoenix AZ Tile demolition and removal methods have traditionally created very fine and hazardous dust particles that coat every inch of your home including your heating and cooling ventilation system. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified and labeled these created particles as ‘Respirable crystalline silica’ (Silica particles that are easily inhaled). These are extremely fine particles at least 100 times lesser than ordinary sand that a person would encounter on a sandy beach or even in the deserts around Phoenix AZ or the sand dunes near Yuma AZ. Dustless tile demolition / removal eliminates virtually all of that. With older tile removal methods the total inside of your house will honestly be contaminated with crystalline silica dust  particles so fine you will spend hours if not days trying to clean up the mess. The biggest problem is that once the dust enters the homes air space these fine particles will be free to travel into every inch of your dwelling area so that no matter how well you may cover certain parts of the home and later clean, some of the dust particles are left behind on your walls, your cabinets, your carpet in other rooms, and worse into your ventilation system. Leaving the home owner with a residence that is contaminated. With our system of tile removal the vast amount of dust never becomes airborne because it can’t. The fine particles are harmlessly vacuumed away to be disposed of in a safe environmentally friendly State and Federally proscribed manner.
As much, if not more than, the dust from the tile removal is the thin-set used to adhere the tile to the floors foundation. Thin-set is a mortar blended of a cement, extremely finely graded sand material, and a water retention compound. This material needs to be properly removed from the flooring prior to any new material(s) going down. This part of the demolition requires grinding the adhered thin-set compound from the foundation. This grinding, when done improperly, will produce a whirlwind of of fine silica particles. We prevent this from happening.
All of our demolition tools including the grinders AND trash cans are connected to our specifically designed dust control HEPA vacuum system ensuring that the dust produced does not become airborne and we even add an additional machine we call “The Dust Sucker” that will basically turn the entire room/home into a giant vacuum just to make sure we capture as much dust as possible as an added layer of protection.
Our tile flooring demolition is virtually dust free saving the homeowner time and money. First we will cover all areas that need to be covered, just for added safety. Then our trained demolition crew will set up and begin the demolition. As we proceed through the job you will notice that clouds of dust will NOT enter into the air. Rather these contaminates are safely vacuumed away and into the disposal area having passed through our HEPA filtration system allowing our crew to safely remove this material as needed. When the job is done we will then roll away the cloth materials we’ve used to cover your home for added security and you’ll be ready to proceed with your new flooring job, on schedule.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In an attempt to help provide better protection for all workers from a wide variety of industries, including demolition, who are routinely exposed to respirable hazardous materials, OSHA has issued two new respirable crystalline silica standards: one is specifically designed for the construction industry (which includes flooring demolition), and the other industry standard was designed for general industry and maritime. OSHA has begun enforcing most provisions of the standard for all construction industries on September 23, 2017, and will begin enforcing most provisions of the standard for general industry and maritime on June 23, 2018.

Crystalline Silica Dust

800 s/f of tile demo produced this much dust..

800 s/f of tile demo produced this much dust..

This is a naturally occurring mineral and it is all around us. Materials like sand, stone, concrete, and mortar all contain crystalline silica. So all products that use any of the crystalline silica materials (such as flooring tiles, mortar, and grout) will pose a potential threat hazard and greater care needs to be taken with disposal methods.
Beginning back in the early to late 1930’s, the attention of The Country became focused on the slow early and painful deaths of many miners living and working in West Virginia. These accounts of miners dying from silicosis, caused by inhaling the fine particles , brought attention to the deadly hazard.
This has become known as The Hawk’s Nest Incident. While driving tunnels underground for a hydroelectric plant, miners died by the score from breathing this fine dangerous material. As many as 700 of these miners died in a short course of time. (Although the mining company did a study that reported the deaths to be around 66.) Public outcry was so powerful that The Secretary of Labor began a nation wide program to address the problem. That was in 1937. And so with the passage of the new OSHA standards in 2017 here we are a short 80 yeas later when the government has taken great steps in addressing the dangerous issue faced by workers across the United States.

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