Dustless tile removal. Phoenix AZ demolition and removal methods have traditionally been labor intensive with plenty of pounding hand scraping and at times power grinding all producing clouds of very fine and hazardous dust particles that will coat every inch of your home including your heating and cooling ventilation system. All of this adding to the cost factor of the job. Not good.

Our dust free tile removal process eliminates virtually all of that. With older tile demolition methods the total inside of your home or office will honestly be contaminated with crystalline silica particles so fine you could experience adverse health effects including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, silicosis, or even COPD. Breathing crystalline silica left behind from any flooring demolition isn’t something you wish to be subjected to. As much, if not more than, the dust from the tile removal is the thinset used to adhere the tile to the floors foundation. The benefits of our dust free tile removal system are many.

Thinset is a mortar blended of a cement, extremely finely graded sand material, and a water retention compound. This material needs to be properly removed from the flooring prior to any new material(s) going down. This part of the demolition requires grinding or hand scraping the adhered thinset compound from the floors foundation. This is usually where the majority of the fine dust and silica particles are produced. Imagine operating a high speed floor buffer operating over a pile of baby powder. That’s how much particulate matter can be generated into the air using conventional demolition methods of the past.

With older tile demo methods the home would be generally covered in clear sheets of plastic and cloth materials which are removed after the demolition job is over. The biggest problem is that once the dust enters the homes air space these fine particles will be free to travel into every inch of your dwelling area so that no matter how well you may cover certain parts of the home and later clean, some of the dust particles are left behind on your walls, your cabinets, your carpet in other rooms, and worse into your ventilation system.

And then the job of cleaning the area to make all the room(s) free of dust came in. Brooms, dustpans, Shop Vacs, and wet rags, As Contractors well know, the time to go back over and clean every inch of the rooms costs extra money. With Dustsucker we will completely eliminate the need to clean. We remove the mess as we work. And when we’ve left at the end of the job your floor will be ready to go on with whatever your project is. We get the job done faster and cleaner than the competition. Our dustless tile removal eliminates nearly all fine particles by our state of the art HEPA Filtration Vacuum System. We capture and remove the vast majority of the dust before it can enter into the atmosphere of your home. The fine particles are harmlessly vacuumed away to be disposed of in a safe environmentally friendly State and Federally proscribed manner.

Tile Flooring Removal The Dustless Way

Our’s is a Family Owned and Operated Company and we been have been in business the Phoenix metro area since 1971. We pride ourselves on that fact. We always do our level best to provide our customers with the satisfaction that they desire. We strive to continually offer our customers the best most up to date flooring demolition services that are available. This is why we’ve invested heavily into our new state of the art OSHA Certified HEPA Vacuum Filtration System. We honestly wish to be the best at what we do. And we are. Our longevity in the Phoenix area speaks to that.

As a rule we can generally remove up to 500 sq. ft. of hard surface flooring per day and do so for less than in the past. And less than our competitors. This is of a particular advantage considering cost factors. The old fashioned methods took longer and left dust and debris to be cleaned up afterwards thereby adding an increased, and often unplanned for cost factor into the job. Cleaning the job site.

Our demolition is virtually dustless saving the homeowner time and money. First we will cover all areas that need to be covered, just for added safety. Then our trained demolition crew will set up and begin the demolition. As we proceed through the job you will notice that clouds of dust will NOT enter into the air. Rather these contaminates are safely vacuumed away and into the disposal area having passed through our HEPA filtration system allowing our crew to safely remove this material as needed. When the job is done we will then roll away the cloth materials we’ve used to cover your home for added security and you’ll be ready to proceed with your new flooring job, on schedule.

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