Dust Free Tile Removal Cost?

While the price of your remodeling will vary widely from Contractor to Contractor we believe you could very well be surprised with how affordable and cost effective dust free tile removal is particularly when compared to other types of demolition options. And while it’s true that no two floors will ever measure the same we can provide you with an exact estimate once we take an accurate measurement of your floor. Other than that when you call we will provide you a fairly close estimate over the phone as to the price of the job. In addition we’d like to be able to examine the flooring installation in case we see something that could provide the demolition team any potential problems.
Our procedures and methods of removing the hard surface remain fairly the same across the spectrum of types of tile DIFFERENT TILE TYPES LINKED TO various pgs} but, our crews do like to know ahead of time what exactly they’ll be pulling up and grinding down. Occasionally this can make the difference in an all day assignment or a two day assignment. So the cost may vary slightly up or slightly down according to on site circumstances.
After one of our crew members does an initial measurement and examination of your remodeling site we will be able to provide you with the exact cost assessment. Our flooring demolition experts will then provide you with the pricing plan as well as the estimated number of hours and/or days we will need to be on site.

Experience does matter. We don’t employ anyone currently that is a “newbie.” All our guys are veterans in the field with long term experience. We pay our workers more than the other companies because they’re worth it. We can bid your job accurately and get it done correctly the first time and on time because of our experienced team.
Other Dust Free Tile Removal companies may tell you the job will cost so much and take so long but, every day they go over time agreed to is costing you additional monies. Just something to think about. We don’t employ any day labor! We don’t need anyone to push a broom or wipe down a wall because our high powered vacuum does the job properly and our guys know how to properly operate the equipment. This saves you time and that equates to dollars saved. Time equals money. So even though we don’t hire $10.00 an hour workers you’re going to save money. We take the time to educate and train each and every employee. be continued