Dustless tile removal

If you’ve decided to remove your tile flooring consider the following before you try to do the job yourself. Think: Dustless tile removal.

1. Tile flooring demolition is difficult and extremely dirty. Between the tile being broken from off your floors and the underlying thinset being ground up and removed the typical residential room may produce 20 pounds or more of fine silica dust. (This is in addition to the hundreds of pounds of broken tiles.) This is unavoidable. In Order to both remove the set tiles and provide a surface for any new flooring product the foundation must be sanded down to a suitable level.

2. Special tools are required including HEPA vacuum filtration systems to do the operation properly and quickly. Long gone are the days when a worker simply banged and hammered their way across a floor taking day upon day of labor while covering the home with hazardous silica dust particles. The old way of banging and scraping couldn’t help but to throw up clouds of dust into the air. And no matter how well you attempt to secure and isolate each area with sheets of plastic taped to the walls and fabric covering the furniture you’ll still end up with fine powder covering Everything requiring hours of extra time and effort cleaning.

3. Doing the work improperly will require the work to be done again. Period. It cannot be overemphasized that a proper surface is always required before new flooring materials are installed. No matter how hard you’ve worked if you’ve done an inferior job the Contractor will require you to either do it again or hire someone to come in and finish it correctly.

4. Disposal. Once the floors are completely free from tiling materials, including the underlying thinset, you’ll need to dispose of several hundred pounds. or more, of construction debris. This can be a daunting task if you don’t have the know-how to get it done properly.

Dustless tile removal done correctly

Our demolition crews have the experience to do the job effectively, quickly, and most importantly we do it in The State Of The Art Way as to be virtually dust free. This means your home will never be covered in potentially harmful silica dust. Because we employ the latest in HEPA Vacuum Filtration ensuring you not only a properly finished floor surface the first time but, the safety of your home’s environment will stay intact!

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