Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring, Is It Time to Remove and Replace?

Ceramic, Stone, and Porcelain tiles are some of the most often used and most resilient flooring materials in construction today but, even the strongest or most stylish surface of yesterday can’t be expected to last forever or stay in style either. Sometimes even minor damage, every day wear and tear, or personal changes in taste will bring about the desire to replace rather than restore your old floors. The question is, ” Is It Time to Replace Your Tile Flooring “?

Why Might Tile Floors Require Removal?
Most often these applications will last many many years. In fact when installed properly you can easily expect to never have to actually be required to re-do the entire floor. But there are times when stains, cracks, chips and other damage may necessitate something new.
Gradual wear
Chips may occur when an object falls to the ground and impacts the area with both force and weight resulting in damage.
Once something like this happens the surrounding area may become damaged as well. In addition the area may become a hazard and be unsafe to walk over.
Cracks as well as the above mentioned issues, at times, happen due to sudden impacts.But these could also be a more severe sign of underlying problems to the foundation. Quite often though this may take place whenever the building experiences some additional settling of the foundation.

Gradual wear
Tile Floor Removal. It might helpful to have some understanding what that process actually is and is not: