Dust Free Tile Removal Benefits. Imagine a fine coating of white flour or baby powder evenly covering every inch of your home’s surface. Literally an extremely fine silt like layer of dust coating the entire inside of your dwelling. This is exactly what you avoid when you allow Dustsucker Demolition on your job site. Exactly what is Dust Free Tile Removal? This is the safest, least expensive, quickest way to

  1. Time Factor(s)
  2. Foundational Soundness
  3. Labor
  4. Cost Benefits
  5. Health Concerns
  6. Clean Up

Time Factor(s)

Tile demolition by hand takes time.. lots and lots of time. Hammers and other manual impact (striking) tools. Chisels and scraping tools slowly but eventually get the job done. Inch by inch, tile by tile.


Labor costs are ever increasing, anyone in construction can attest to this fact. At the same time most consumers want a lower end price to the project. When it comes to the bottom line safe effective methods need to be sought out and employed in order to offset the high cost of unskilled manual labor.  This is what we do.

By providing truly skilled labor and State of The Art Equipment


Foundational Soundness

  • Dust free tile removal is the next best thing to your foundation being a new pour. In fact because we leave your floor on the level you may actually start with a better surface than when your foundation was just cured. This is because as the concrete is drying there are times when low or high spots appear. As we remove the tile flooring we will grind down to a fairly level surface leaving you with a ready to finish surface.
  • Remodeling interior floors that currently have a hard surface covering will acquire an additional several inches in height should you decide to “floor over” the existing tiles. This could cause an awkward elevation and an odd uneven transition between other existing interior rooms. Safety may or may not be a factor to be taken into consideration here.

To be continued..